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Zoom Reference Materials/Resources - PTILinks and Resources

Listed below are resources/links for accessing more information on the current desk phones, the web softphone, the mobile application and faxing. If any resources or links are not available, please let me know via tmize@primetechpa.com. Zoom updates the materials regularly and some links may go out of date. Thanks.

To access the Zoom apps and portals your name and email have been setup as a user. If you did not receive a welcome email when this was done, please contact me.

Zoom Login – Link to your Zoom User Portal. Here you can access downloads and all products you have access to.


Zoom Meetings (Replacement for GoToMeetings)

Getting started and understanding Zoom Meetings – Click Here

Zoom Personal Meeting ID (PMI) and Personal Link

You can setup your own personal link with your name for ease of use – Click here to learn more.

Zoom Reference Materials/Resources - PTIZoom Help & Support For All Products

Located at the bottom left of your portal are hyperlinked sections to attend live training for any items as well as video tutorials and the knowledge base.

Click here for a quote and web demonstration on ProCal Calibration Software