Whether to expand calibration capabilities, to automate testing procedures or to seamlessly record calibration results, the Fluke line of Documenting Process Calibrators (or DPCs for short) are essential for any technician tool kit. The industry’s most popular Fluke 754 series dramatically improves the efficiency, accuracy, productivity of days past. The new, self-contained Fluke 729 series now eliminates the need for pressure pumps and modules and further enhances the automated experience.

The power of Fluke DPCs paired with both Fluke DPCTrack2 and the enhanced ProCal feature-rich calibration management software provide the ultimate in self-documenting, paperless functionality. Quality in workmanship is ensured and human errors are all but eliminated.  A partial list of some other advantages includes:

  • Test specifications for assets are set up in advance easing the technician workload while enabling more calibrations to be performed in less time
  • Work assignments can be more easily structured and scheduled via system sorts and queries
  • Immediate, real-time visual pass/fail prompts are presented during calibrations
  • Electronic approvals and historical record keeping make data retrieval and audits a breeze
  • Calibration certificates and other reports can be generated ad-hoc when needed
  • Integration with ERP, CMMS, LIMS and other types of applications  provides seamless and powerful workflow and eliminates the need for duplicate data entry

In addition to basic calibrations, certain types of assets require unique test routines that don’t fall into the simple definition of calibration or maintenance. To accommodate this need, ProCal software offers Task List Test Type Packages for many of the more common systems, equipment and devices that are used in industry and that require routine certifications. For any asset, these can function either as their own independent events or can be combined with calibration assignments.

Please view our recent webinar performed with Bob Crepps of Fluke if you would like to learn more about the benefits that can be gained with this automated approach to more modernized, paperless operations.


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