The team of professionals at Prime Technologies has assisted hundreds of potential customers in pursuing a calibration management system. In our experience, concerns about implementation are the one constant cause of reluctance and doubt for individuals looking to start.

Our professionals have determined there are four necessary stages to assist a company to establish a foundation that will save time, reduce uncertainty, and subsequently minimize the required financial investment. It is important to realize that any business can start implementing a successful calibration management system (CMS) regardless of size, with the appropriate planning.

There are four key steps for a successful implementation, briefly summarized:

Complete Thorough Planning

Early identification of users and user roles creates clear expectations and will help drive a successful project. Companies also determine what they must do in advance of the implementation of a CMS to ensure that deployment is efficient. As well, an important step in the process is to select a launch date that works for all stakeholders.

Review Stakeholder Requirements

The next step is used to identify regulatory compliance and importantly determine report requirements. A CMS delivers powerful information, and a plan must be in place to ensure the CMS will cull information that is needed by the company team.

Determine Functionality Needs

A company must define its primary functional needs both for now and into the future. This will help ensure the CMS will meet the needs of a team both in the short term and in the longer term.

Record Creation Strategy

A company that successfully implements a CMS must organize its data before using the system to enhance results, and must think through a comprehensive list of questions as to how data will be used both in the short and longer term.

A company that fully follows the four steps as outlined above will have a more successful CMS implementation.

Want to dive into more detail and hear from our experts?

We invite you to join the Prime Technologies team for a
complimentary webinar on December 8 at 2 PM (ET): The CMS Implementation Checklist – Four Key Considerations Before Going Live.  Our team will expand on these four key steps, and will also have a live Q&A session to engage with participants.

Find out more details and register here.


The Prime Technologies speakers for this event are:

Rob Efford, Product and Customer Support Manager
Rob has been with Prime Technologies for almost 19 years, and his tenure at the company has been largely focused within the area of quality. His current role also focuses on ensuring Prime clients are matched with the optimal CMS solution for their needs.


Robert Gross, Training Manager
Robert has assisted companies in the process management world for more than six years and is respected for his expertise in the area of highly-regulated industries. He understands the problems that plague many of today’s calibration and process management professionals and works to develop optimal solutions for clients.


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