ProCalV5 Video Overviews

Instructional Overviews of ProCalV5 Calibration Software

Browse and view our videos that have been created for our ProCalV5 calibration software environment. Each video is a short informational video to give you a better picture of the incredible features, options and capabilities of ProCalV5 software. The videos are divided into the following categories for quick refrence.

Overviews & Features
This category contains videos on ProCalV5 software that explains the main features, functions, and tabs of our calibration software.
ProCal Utilities
This category contains videos on ProCalV5 software utilities that extend the functionality beyond the software program for use with cloud software, outside reporting and mobile workstation use.
Test Type Packages
This category contains videos on ProCalV5 software test type packages. These are add-ons to fit specific needs built for use with our calibration software.



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Migration from Honeywell Loveland to ProCalV5

The migration consisted of 32,000 tags, 10,000 instrument loops, 1000 motors, 1000 relief valves, 19 years of calibration history and a customized test equipment data base. We were quite concerned about the 19 years of history and insuring that it remained intact.

We perform calibrations, motor and relief valve pm’s daily, the ProCalV5 engineers provided methodology and tools to make database validation possible, a daunting task with 19 years of history, and helped develop a plan to minimize database down time when switching to the new ProCalV5 database. The ProCal team worked tirelessly to find ways to mimic the functionality that we had built into the customized Loveland database. We were on a strict time table and the ProCal deployment initiative met the milestones which allowed us to stay on schedule. Prime Technologies provided two levels of training, administrator and technician training. The project was a total success. We have had two major outside audits since implementation, the ProCal database and reporting tool greatly contributed to the successful audit. Prime Technologies was extremely supportive before we purchased, during the implementation and now two years after go live. They are very responsive to our requests.

Walter Anderson

Instrument & Electrical Superintendent, PCS Nitrogen

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