Frequently Asked Questions

For more information, or if you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs, please contact Prime Technologies, Inc.

Which database platform is appropriate for my needs?
MS Access is best suited for smaller systems and is the least expensive ProCalV5 product at the professional level for initial investment. There are no hard and fast rules, but the number of concurrent users, number instruments to be managed and the keeping of an audit trail record influence the records generated in the MS Access DBMS Access.

MS SQL Server is a cost-effective route to an enterprise level DB solution. SQL Server is suitable for large databases, including needs for extensive Audit Trail record keeping.

Oracle is the Enterprise level DB solution preferred by many of the world’s largest corporations due to its flexibility, functionality, powerful capabilities and robustness.

*Consult your IT professional or ProCal sales representative for direction on the use of the appropriate DB Platform.

Can ProCalV5 be used on an enterprise level as well as by a single user?
Yes. ProCalV5 systems are available either as stand alone applications or network ready for multiple sites in various locations. Oracle and SQL Server versions are intended to be used at the enterprise level, but can be utilized if required as stand alone systems.
Can ProCalV5 be integrated with other software systems already in place (i.e. CMMS, Document Management, SAP, etc.)?
Yes, ProCalV5 can be integrated with other software systems. Contact Prime Technologies with your requirements.
Does Prime Technologies operate under an established quality system?
Yes. Prime Technologies’ Quality System follows the ISO 9002:1994 format.
Is Prime Technologies open to being audited?
Yes. Prime Technologies has been successfully audited many times by some of the largest corporations in the world and we welcome your organization to do the same.
Is the ProCalV5 Calibration Management Solution 21 CFR – Part 11Compliant?
Yes. Request a copy of the ProCalV5 21 CFR Part 11 compliance Assessment Questionnaire. This describes how ProCalV5 in conjunction with your firm’s Quality and Good Manufacturing Practices program combine to provide Part 11 compliance.
Is a ProCalV5 Installation Validatable?
ProCalV5 is validatable when combined with a compliant System Validation Process. All ProCalV5 products go through extensive internal Quality Validation Testing as a part of its development life cycle. Test Scripts can be provided as well.
How does Prime Technologies help make validation of ProCalV5 easier?
Prime Technologies provides Validation Test Scripts in a MS Word for you to use directly or to re-format, edit and combine with your own testing requirements. Prime Technologies also provides complete Validation Project Management and Execution services for any size system as well as product specific services such as User, Administrator and Configuration Training, Data Migration Planning and Execution, Custom Report Development and Process Workflow Consulting.

Using the GAMP5 method for validation, the client can leverage Prime Technologies’ testing to cut down on their validation effort and only perform a risk based approach at their facility.

What support services does Prime Technologies offer?
  • On-site Training and Training Planning and Development for custom implementations
  • Configuration and Work Flow Specific Consulting
  • Full Project Management
  • Installation / On-Site Technical Assistance
  • Custom Report Creation
  • Mapping and Data Migration Planning
  • Validation Services
  • Technical Document Development
  • Custom Software Development
Does ProCalV5 provide Access Level Security by Unique Accounts? User? By Groups? Are User Group Access Levels customizable?
ProCalV5 supports an unlimited number of unique accounts and assets. Within each account, powerful administrative configuration features can enable individuals to be included within any group and to have specific access rights within the group.
Does ProCalV5 support hierarchical relationships between equipment, instruments, loops and systems?
Yes. The ProCalV5 application allows users to build an unlimited number and variety of hierarchical relationships within the system involving equipment, instruments, loops and systems.
Can I transfer my existing Calibration Data into ProCalV5?
Yes. ProCalV5 comes with a Data Load Utility to dynamically load master instrument data from Excel into ProCalV5.

Prime Technologies also offers a comprehensive set of Data Migration services in which we can migrate your data from numerous legacy systems into ProCalV5. Services range from simple Conversion Program Development to a complete effort. A complete effort includes a Data Migration Plan, Requirements Development, Conversion Program Development, Execution and Data Verification for Validation purposes. Contact Prime Technologies for further information.

Can I use ProCalV5 to automatically schedule my calibration and PM events?
Yes. Many ProCalV5 users begin by implementing the Automatic Scheduling capabilities of ProCalV5 and bring in more advanced functionality as they become comfortable with an automated Calibration & PM Management workflow.
Will ProCalV5 track ‘As-Found’ and ‘As-Left’ data?
ProCalV5 Calibration Management capabilities begin with tracking basic ‘As-Found’ and ‘As-Left’ data and advance to automatic Out of Tolerance and Control Limit calculations. Tracking Vendors, Manufacturers and Installation data for the Instrument, System and Test Instrument, alerts, queries, running reports and more are all available with the standard application.
Can I reference my existing and/or new SOP’s to my calibration records in ProCalV5?
SOP’s and other documents can be tracked, referenced to and accessed from any Item record within ProCalV5.
Can I get ProCalV5 to provide forms & reports that look like my existing forms and reports?
ProCalV5 utilizes SAP Crystal Reports to generate our extensive repertoire of Standard Reports and almost any custom report you need. Prime Technologies offers a very reasonable Custom Report Development service or you can utilize your own resources to implement and customize your own reports.
Does ProCalV5 have optional modules? What are they?
  • Email Utility – Communicated Reminders & Alerts via email
  • Planned Maintenance & Work Order Module – Supports other planned maintenance tasks, overlapping schedules, unplanned maintenance requests and work order management
  • Field Calibrator Utility – Interface between your Documenting Process Calibrator & ProCal software solutions
  • Mobile Workstation – Allow for full remote paperless calibrations
  • Validation Protocols – IQ OQ & PQ Test Scripts for Validation
  • Data Exchange Utility – Support flexible bi-directional interface with other applications
  • Test Type Packages – Perform calibration procedures involving complex algorithms and obtain automatic Pass/Fail Results
  • HART Communication – Complete HART Communication Software
  • Training Management Module – Qualify and Train your end users and management through our intuitive training module
  • QuickBooks Invoicing Utility – Efficiently manage your calibration services and invoicing with our convenient invoicing utility
Which documenting calibrators are supported by ProCalV5?
Currently, ProCalV5 and ProCal Direct* supports:

  • Fluke– 74X and 75X series, 729
  • Honeywell– 2020
  • Martel/Beta– MasterCAL 990

* Certain models require DeviceSync

Contact us for other calibrator compatibility and the most up to date information.

How can I use ProCalV5 to capture my calibration data real-time, at the various locations where the calibrations are performed and still maintain the integrity and security of a central database?
ProCalV5 can be supplied with the optional Mobile Workstation that allows downloading Work Assignment to a laptop ProCalV5 Access Mobile Workstation Environment. The Mobile Workstation can then be used anywhere to complete the assignment and then the modified data imported to the Production Database with appropriate controls.

ProCalV5 can be provided with an optional Self-Documenting Calibrator Utility for connection to many Smart Calibrator devices for direct capture and upload of Calibration Data.

ProCalV5 can be used via a wireless connection to the Production Database network for direct wireless entry of local fieldwork assignment data into the Production Database.

How do I get my organization trained to implement and use ProCalV5?
Prime Technologies provides complete ProCal training either at your facility, in our training facility or via the internet. Depending on the number of user’s involved, budgetary requirements and other factors, training can be fully suited and accommodated to meet business objectives.

For training questions or pricing, please contact Prime Technologies.

Can I upgrade my smaller system to a more robust platform and/or additional user licenses?
Yes. Any ProCalV5 system may be upgraded to a larger or more robust system at any time. Additionally, your records will be automatically converted to your new system.
Does Prime Technologies offer optional software support packages? What do they include / cover?
Prime Technologies offers three levels of optional Support Agreements for ProCalV5:

  • Level I, II and III Support Includes Start-up Telephone Consultation, De-bug / error correction, and Telephone Operation and Maintenance Support
  • Level II and III Support Additionally Includes Free Upgrades & Enhancements within your version of ProCalV5 and Options
  • Level III Support Additionally Includes Free Escrow Service of the source code for your version of ProCalV5 and Options
Can I upgrade my existing ProCalV5 data to that of a newer ProCalV5 release?
Yes. Prime Technologies includes a Universal Conversion Program with all ProCalV5 upgrades.
What type of Instrumentation will ProCal manage?
ProCalV5 will manage just about any type of instrumentation you have! Anything from process controls, analytical and laboratory devices, test and measurement standards and much more can be managed with ProCalV5. An unlimited number of instruments can be managed.
Can ProCalV5 be used for languages other than English?
Yes. Through our convenient labels editor, any user of the ProCalV5 system can re-label the majority of the program to suit their language requirements including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese languages.
Is the ProCalV5 software recognized by the FDA?
ProCalV5 is used internationally by many life sciences companies with the purpose of achieving FDA and 21CFR Part 11 compliance. Many ProCalV5 users have been successfully audited by the FDA. References can be provided. The FDA DOES NOT sponsor, support, promote or advertise ANY commercial product. Claims by any organization or company to this effect are false and misleading.
If I purchase ProCalV5, do I have to continually upgrade my software to the latest version?
No. Upgrading your software to the latest release of ProCalV5 is optional. All ProCalV5 customers with current Support & Maintenance Agreements are notified when a new release is available. That release is provided at no additional charge and your records will be automatically converted to the latest release. Also, a list of the enhancements of upgrades to the software are made available for review to our customers.
Can ProCalV5 support multiple languages?
ProCalV5 currently supports English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese languages. More will be added in the future.
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