Case Studies

Real-use cases of ProCal Calibration Software.

Biotechnology Case Study

A biotechnology company that develops and manufactures medical products and devices needed to upgrade from a legacy calibration system to meet FDA regulatory requirements. As the company began to grow and expand, it looked to move to a subscription service such as ProCal to obtain additional benefits.

Chemical Manufacaturing Case Study

A Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company that specializes in fertilizers and the production of chemical solutions needed new calibration management software after Honeywell announced the end-of-life cycle for future development and support of the Documint solution.

Pharmaceutical Case Study

A large global pharmaceutical company was looking to move to a paperless calibration solution to save time and reduce costs. The company faced challenges managing assets, ensuring consistent standard calibration procedures were reliably followed, and maintaining thousands of records on paper.

Food & Beverage Case Study 1

A global food & beverage organization with multiple sites across the US looked to consolidate all calibration data and activity into a single database/application, plus effectively integrate with SAP.


Food & Beverage Case Study 2

This Fortune 500 company looked to ensure the company and its operations were in FDA compliance. Calibration records were not consistently kept; some were kept in digital files, such as Excel spreadsheets, while other records remained in paper format. When audited, this company could not deliver complete calibration results.

Global Life Sciences Case Study 1

A global company with more than 100 years of history was transitioning on the backside of a major merger. As the two companies combined systems, it became clear there were opportunities to improve operations and record keeping.  There were several locations completing calibrations manually via paper, and management aimed to transition these locations to an automated format.

Global Life Sciences Case Study 2

A global Life Sciences company that provides gene therapy treatments for their clients needed assistance managing all their data, schedules, assets, and vendor certificates in an FDA-compliant manner.

Life Sciences Case Study

A Fortune 500 company in the Life Sciences industry desired to transition its calibration from a paper-based to a paperless system. The company recognized that incorporating the right system would increase productivity and enhance the overall operations of the company.  

Multinational Industrial Gas Manufacturer

A multinational industrial gas manufacturer was looking for a way to better track, manage, and monitor their calibrations and standards. The Prime Technologies team created a custom Test Type Package for use in ProCal to address the company’s needs.

Global Biotechnology & Device Testing Organization

A global contract research organization, known for providing unparalleled biotechnology and medical device testing capabilities, strategic guidance, and tactical support to introduce innovative new products to market, sought a comprehensive calibration management solution.

Global Medical Devices Manufacturer

A global medical device manufacturer that specializes in audiology and creates components & medical equipment for assistive listening devices, had recently grown and expanded.

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