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Setting New Standards for Calibration Software Quality Management Practices

ProCal calibration software outpaces the competition with feature rich functionality and options. Scrutinizing quality compliance experts are careful to select solutions that deliver expected beneficial results. We claim many Industry firsts and we continue to set new industry standards that other programs struggle to emulate.

ProCalV5 Precision Asset Management

Precision Asset Management

Most high level asset management solutions (ERP, CMMS, etc.) lack the detail needed to adequately manage instrument calibration activities. End user productivity is typically compromised. ProCalV5 calibration software offers critical features that facilitate maximum efficiency and high outcome results. Read what others have to say about ProCalV5 by clicking here. View the highlights below to see many of the features/benefits of using ProCalv5 software.

ProCalV5 Highlights

  • Powerful administrative features to control workflow & user access rights
  • Validated & 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • SQL Server and Oracle versions
  • Establish unique, autonomous accounts
  • Provides global manager & QA oversight over all accounts
  • Create hierarchal associations within each account for systems, loops, equipment & instruments
  • Automatic reminders, warnings and alerts
  • Change control and e-signature approval routings
  • Authorized users can change field labels and add an unlimited number of user defined fields.
  • Establish separate records to manage test standards. Test standards can be controlled for use with only specific instrument types with easy reverse traceability reporting.
  • Master instrument asset records allow multiple test groups for a single asset
  • Schedules can be based upon calendar or usage count
  • Performs all math functions and data verification – no human errors.
  • Calculations can accommodate varying accuracy statements or combinations (% of reading, range, +/- , manual). Signal associations can be linear, square root or manual.
  • Templates can be established, records can be copied, global change features allow groups of records to be modified at the same time.
  • Powerful reporting & advanced query functions
  • Data load from Excel spreadsheets
  • Bar code enabled
  • Data archive
  • Verifies in-tolerance conditions upon as-found, as-left data entry. Can be configured to allow automatic notification for non-compliance events.
  • Pass/fail tolerance conditions automatically change based upon actual field conditions
  • Open multiple calibration records simultaneously
  • Specific test routines are available for more complex systems, devices and equipment. More can be created to your exact specifications.
  • PM/Work order/Parts Inventory options
  • Check-in / Check-out shop administration
  • Over 80 standard reports. More can be added to your exact specifications
  • Generates calibration certificates and can auto print cal stickers
  • No need for MS Word docs or PDFs – WebView creates ad-hoc reports and certificates via secure web access
  • Mobile Workstations allow off-line access to the full program functionality (add new records, print certificates, print cal stickers, communicate with Fluke calibrators, etc.)
  • Unmatched compatibility with Fluke documenting calibrators
  • Available as ProCal Direct web accessible cloud version (SaaS)
  • ProCalDirect also works with Mobile Workstations and Fluke calibrators
  • Integrates with other applications
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Too many more features to mention!

Time-saving Paperless Calibration

Among our industry 1sts is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Mobile Workstation technology. Sophisticated import/export features effectively manage electronic work assignment and data transfer. Off-line users have access to the full program interface on a local machine. Significant productivity and quality compliance benefits are guaranteed. ProCalV5 software and mobile workstations also communicate with documenting process calibrators. Read more on paperless calibrations.

Fully-Compliant to meet 21CFR/Part 11 Requirements

ProCal was the first commercial 21 CFR Part 11 compliant calibration management solution. Prime Technologies’ strict quality development practices are routinely audited and approved by life sciences and other quality regulated companies. Each released version undergoes thorough, documented, internal testing and validation before release. IQ/OQ validation scripts and on-site validation services are provided as standard offerings.


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Migration from Honeywell Loveland to ProCalV5

The migration consisted of 32,000 tags, 10,000 instrument loops, 1000 motors, 1000 relief valves, 19 years of calibration history and a customized test equipment data base. We were quite concerned about the 19 years of history and insuring that it remained intact.

We perform calibrations, motor and relief valve pm’s daily, the ProCalV5 engineers provided methodology and tools to make database validation possible, a daunting task with 19 years of history, and helped develop a plan to minimize database down time when switching to the new ProCalV5 database. The ProCal team worked tirelessly to find ways to mimic the functionality that we had built into the customized Loveland database. We were on a strict time table and the ProCal deployment initiative met the milestones which allowed us to stay on schedule. Prime Technologies provided two levels of training, administrator and technician training. The project was a total success. We have had two major outside audits since implementation, the ProCal database and reporting tool greatly contributed to the successful audit. Prime Technologies was extremely supportive before we purchased, during the implementation and now two years after go live. They are very responsive to our requests.

Walter Anderson

Instrument & Electrical Superintendent, PCS Nitrogen

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