Calibration Software Product Comparison

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Thank you for taking the time to evaluate our ProCal product line of Calibration Management Software. Here is a brief guide to help you better understand which product may best suit your needs.

ProCal Direct

ProCal Direct is for those organizations who wish to standardize quality and compliance management for multiple sites and divisions. All options are bundled in a robust, comprehensive application. Quality approval and review of records, data calculations and verification, change control management and out of tolerance reporting can all be automated. This 21CFR Part 11 compliant paperless calibration system has been proven in large pharmaceutical applications to significantly improve efficiencies and simplify the processes needed for quality oversight. For more information about our ProCal Direct edition, click here.

The Optimal Plan for;

  • Large Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Manufacturers
  • Organizations with multiple sites
  • Company’s looking to reduce cost with a multi-site or global implementation

Product Comparison Chart

 Features & Functionality


ProCal Direct



 Unlimited Account Management

 Number of Instruments



 Number of Loops



 Number of Test Standards



 Number of Systems



 Bar Code Enabled


 Change Control

 Email Utility (optional add-on)

 Field Calibrator Utility (optional add-on)

 HART Software Module (optional add-on)

 Document Management

 Network Ready

 Five Concurrent User License

 Asset Management & Tracking

 Scheduling Tracking

 Unlimited User Defined Customizable Fields

 Calibration History Tracking

 Equipment Management

 Advanced Queries and Data Filtering

 Calibration Label Printing

 Calibration Certificate Printing

 Copying Asset Records

 File Attachments

 Professional Training & Configuration Services

 Reporting Tools

 Test Standard Reverse Traceability

 Vendor Management

 Automatic Calibration Due Date Calculation

 Customizable User Access & Security

 Personalized Skins Menu

 Multi-Mode for Rapid Calibration Data Entry

 Unlimited Hierarchical Structuring For Asset Mgmt

 Calibration Report Trending

 ProCal Explorer

 Customizable Field Relabeling

 Unlimited Number of Unique Users

 Archive Utility

 Compliant Audit Trails

 Compliance Event Reporting

 E-Approval Policies

 Mass Update Utility

 Mobile Workstation (optional add-on)

 PM/WO Module (optional add-on)

 Unplanned Maintenance (optional add-on)

 Work Order Management (optional add-on)

 Test Type Packages (optional add-ons)

 Training Mgmt Module (optional add-on)

 Shop Admin Utility (optional add-on)

 Validation Protocols (optional add-on)

 SQL Server/MSDE Database

 Oracle Database

 Five or More Concurrent Users Licenses

 Uncertainty Calculator

 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

 Field Calibration Data Entry

 Required Fields

 Gage R&R (optional add-on)

 DataExchange Utility (optional add-on)  
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