ProCal DeviceSync... Expanding ProCal!

Cloud-based Transfer Tool for Fluke Calibrators and ProCal

The ProCal DeviceSync system allows for rapid and secure data transfer of Downloaded Tags and Uploaded Results to and from your ProCal system with users anywhere in the world. A perfect complement to a SaaS or Enterprise-wide deployment of ProCal, users can perform calibrations and retrieve results faster than ever before!

ProCal DeviceSync for Fluke Calibrators

ProCal DeviceSync Features & Functionality

  • Technicians can quickly push calibrated Instruments, Loops, Systems and PMs from ProCal to their Fluke calibrator after transferring from the ProCal system. (Including Task List and Manual Pass/Fail using HART/Digital PV outputs)
  • Tags are pushed to your PC for quick download to the calibrator anywhere the internet is accessible, and stored for quick access when working offline
  • Start downloading tasks to your calibrator in seconds!
  • Results are safely stored in local encrypted data before being automatically pushed back to ProCal for immediate upload availability!
  • When you see a Green Arrow, your data is Safely sent back to the online portal
  • Duplicate Results are automatically skipped to prevent workflow errors
  • Compatible with all Fluke calibrators including older models with serial port interfaces
  • Secured with a web-based account using a URL dedicated to your ProCal system
  • Disable any unauthorized user quickly and easily
  • Invite Users with a few clicks, and they are up and running on any PC within minutes
  • Connect a user’s cloud-based account to their ProCal User ID
  • User profile page manages password security, local DeviceSync installations and access to Admin consoles
  • Compatible with the languages supported by ProCal: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
  • Includes a managed cloud infrastructure to add stability to your remote workforce’s data capture and calibration execution capabilities with little to no upfront IT costs.


ProCal DeviceSync Screens

ProCal DeviceSync Login ScreenProCal DeviceSync Push In ProgressProCal DeviceSync Auto Detect Duplicates
ProCal DeviceSync Main ScreenProCal DeviceSync Post Push ScreenProCal DeviceSync Safe Offline Storage

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