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ProCal software can be deployed on-premise (on your servers) or accessed via the web as a professionally hosted SaaS solution. Which option is preferred?

Hosted SaaSOn-premise

Please select the preferred database type below.

MS SQL ServerOracle

How many system users are required?

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Off-Line Paperless Functionality

Mobile Workstation licenses allow the full ProCal program to work remotely without a network connection. Licenses are dedicated to each Windows based tablet or laptop.

Would your users need Mobile Workstation functionality?


What number of Mobile Workstation licenses will meet your requirements?

Documenting Calibrators

ProCal supports the use of several makes of documenting calibrators. These are test devices that simultaneously source and read electronic signals for the purpose of automated calibrations. Note:Mobile Workstations support upload/download functionality to documented calibrators.

Do you use documenting calibrators for your practices?


What brands of calibrators do you currently use?


Do you have regulatory compliance requirements?


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Do you need validation services or protocols for your internal execution?


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Maintenance Management

Do you need a system to not just manage calibrations, but also maintenance and parts inventory or both?


Select systems you need beyond calibrations below?

MaintenanceParts Inventory


ProCal software offers several feature options:
- Preventive Maintenance/Work Order
- Parts Inventory
- Custom Reports
- ProCal eView (Web Based Reporting)
- Documenting Calibrator Utility
- DeviceSync (Documenting Calibrator Interface)
- Mobile Workstation (Offline Licenses for PCs or Tablets)

You can view more information regarding these options here.

Would you like to discuss these options?


Test Type Packages

Aside from standard options, a ProCal system can include a wide selection of precision test routines (Test Type Packages). These are modules designed to perform tests or qualifications that have specific purposes or are specific to complex systems or devices.

You can view the list and descriptions of those currently available here.

Would you like to discuss these packages?


System Data Population

We can provide an automated Data Load utility to map your asset data into your new ProCal system from a structured MS Excel format. As an alternative, our more thorough data migration services can parse and organize existing records to populate your new system(s).

Is your historical data available in a structured MS Excel format for our Data Load Utility, or will you need to utilize our data migration support services? (Select your preference.)

Data Load UtilityData Migration ServicesBoth Services

By choosing Data Migration Services, how many locations will services be needed for? Note: We will need to see a copy of each location’s database information to provide pricing.

How much history would be required to be loaded from the database? (# of Months or Years)

Optional System Integration

ProCal has optional interface components to facilitate data sharing and workflow interaction with SAP, ERP, CMMS and other types of applications.

Do you have a need for system integration?


What system would you need integration with?

SAPMaximoInforOracleJD EdwardsOther


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