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Rent Fluke documenting calibrators with ProCal Direct on-line calibration software.

Rent Fluke documenting calibrators with ProCal Direct on-line calibration software!

This hardware/software combination is the perfect solution for those in need of a temporary system to manage asset certifications.


  • Capital projects/Initial commissioning
  • Short-term surge in calibration operations
  • Start-up of a new asset management system
  • Start ups and shutdowns

Automated calibrations save time, improve productivity and reduce project costs!!


  • Web accessible with easy and immediate start-up
  • Populate asset records from Excel Spreadsheets
  • Out-of-Box NIST Traceable Test Standards shipped to your desired locations
  • Download work assignments to off-line Fluke calibrators
  • Upload results for electronic review and approvals
  • No human errors – the system does all calculations and data verification
  • Ensures consistent adherence to expected work practices
  • Delegate work assignments to many technicians
  • Immediate view of work in progress
  • Professional, computer generated documentation
  • Final data export to any file format
  • System training via web or on-site
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