Prime Technologies provides calibration solutions for companies across a wide range of industries, including in the life sciences. Recently, an innovative Fortune 500 life sciences company, based on the East Coast, looked to improve its calibration process and system.

This global company was using a paper-based calibration system but found flaws in how its processes worked. Corporate management was also looking for the opportunity to take its calibration processes to the next level, and moving away from paper was an obvious next step. As well, the company, with its focus on sustainability, was looking to take its initiatives to the next level. In short, management realized that moving to a paperless work environment would help support these efforts.

As well, the company determined that having both quality control and process control was crucial for the business to ensure efficiency and productivity gains. The company established a steering committee to research the best solution to achieve this goal. It was imperative that the chosen technology ensure a smooth transition for workers and management and that the platform enabled quality monitoring and process control effectively.

It was determined that Prime Technologies’ industry-proven ProCal 21 CFR Part 11 compliant calibration management software would meet the diverse objectives of the company. Recognizing the cultural challenges associated with new user-level workflow, the Prime Technologies team provided a variety of professionally trained on-boarding support personnel to ensure a successful and seamless transition. Initially, regulatory compliance was a top priority but secondarily, to the astonishment of the client, a significant, almost immediate ROI was also achieved.

Case_1_pictureOnce the transition was complete, the company reported impressive results when comparing before and after plant operations.

Prior to the implementation of ProCal, the company used Honeywell DocuMint and the cost per calibration was $250. However, after implementing ProCal, the calibration cost went down to approximately $79 per calibration. In addition, ProCal worked to help improve the optimization of the company’s workflows.

Calibration cost improvements continued as additional enhancements were made by the company. After approximately 12 months of the initial implementation of ProCal, as the efficiencies of the workflows and the overall system continued to improve, the cost per calibration decreased to approximately $70.

The cost-saving over the course of a year was substantial for his company. As the total number of calibrations performed throughout the year was approximately 30,000, and each optimized ProCal calibration saved the company $180, this translated to annual savings of $5,400,000.

The client company shared a testimonial that explained the positive effect of ProCal in improving the operations of the company. “Once our team saw that using mobile PCs instead of clipboards gave them increased access to information and actually aided the data entry process, they embraced the new system. The team clearly saw how the new ProCal technology made them more effective.”

The end result was a successful project, as the Prime Tech team initially helped the client company identify the needed solution and worked with the client from the initial stages of implementing a paperless system through to the optimized solution that maximized productivity and improved overall operations of the company.

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