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As a part of Prime Technologies, we've always understood the importance of precision and accuracy in every operation. Our ProCal Calibration System is designed to address the complex needs of equipment calibration, offering a seamless, paperless solution for managing calibration tasks. This innovative system ensures not only the accuracy of instruments but also aids in maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Traceability and Compliance

Maintaining traceability and ensuring compliance are critical components of any calibration management system. ProCal makes it easy to track the calibration history of each instrument, linking all data back to recognized standards. Our system supports compliance with rigorous industry standards, making sure your operations meet the necessary regulatory requirements.

Documentation and Audit Trail

One of the core benefits of online calibration management is the streamlined approach to documentation. ProCal offers a comprehensive audit trail for every instrument, capturing detailed records of calibration activities, adjustments, and maintenance operations. This meticulous documentation aids in audit readiness, ensuring that your calibration practices withstand scrutiny.

Calibration Scheduling

Our system simplifies the calibration scheduling process, ensuring that no instrument misses its calibration due date. Automated alerts notify the responsible parties about upcoming calibrations, facilitating proactive maintenance and calibration activities.

Remote Calibration and Calibration Certificates

In today's digital age, the capability for remote calibration has become increasingly important. ProCal supports remote calibration procedures, allowing for efficient calibration of instruments across various locations. Upon completion, the system generates calibration certificates, providing official documentation of the calibration status for each instrument.

Instrument Calibration and Calibration Reports

Instrument calibration is at the heart of what we do. ProCal ensures precise calibration, adhering to strict standards and procedures. The system automatically generates calibration reports, offering insight into the performance and reliability of your instruments over time.

Data Management and Calibration History

Effective data management is crucial for maintaining an accurate calibration history for each piece of equipment. ProCal stores all relevant data securely, making it easily accessible for analysis, reporting, and decision-making. This historical data provides invaluable insights into instrument performance, helping to identify trends and potential issues before they impact operations.

Automated Alerts and Calibration Procedures

ProCal's automated alerts ensure that you're always informed about the status of your equipment, helping to maintain a proactive approach to calibration and maintenance. Our system supports standardized calibration procedures, customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization, ensuring consistency and reliability in every calibration performed.

  • Scalability for companies of all sizes
  • Multi-lingual support for global operations
  • Customizable configurations to meet unique objectives
  • Compliance with the strictest industry regulations
  • Seamless integration with various systems and applications
  • User-friendly interface for a diverse user base

At Prime Technologies, we're proud to offer the ProCal Calibration System, a solution that exemplifies our commitment to precision, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Our system is designed to meet the challenges of calibration and asset management head-on, providing a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for organizations across various industries. With our focus on technological innovation and world-class customer support, we continue to be a trusted partner for companies seeking to optimize their calibration processes and asset management practices.

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