Pipette calibrations are an important and vital part of the laboratory quality management practice. The process requires precise accuracy measurements with very small volumes of liquids. Any discrepancy in volumes dispensed will affect the results of an experiment.

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Accuracy and Precision in Pipette Measurement is a Must!

The ProCal Pipette Calibration test package offers these significant advantages over manual paper based methods:

ProCalV5 Enhanced Filtering Users can capture multiple repeated volumes and weight measurements for each Pipette test.
ProCalV5 Enhanced Filtering Each set of readings is tested for precision (%RSD) and Accuracy (% of target volume).
ProCalV5 Enhanced Filtering Convert the corresponding volume according to an entered temperature value using a water density factor table.
ProCalV5 Enhanced Filtering Automatically convert from milliliter and microliter to milligrams or grams.


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