PCX: The Best in Calibration Management

Find out firsthand why PCX by Prime Technologies is the preferred CMS, placing it above competitors like CompuCal.

Designed for Your Calibration Needs

ProCalv5 rates as the #1 Easiest To Use on G2, and for good reason. And now there there is even more to like with the release of PCX, the our newest version which boasts a new codebase that is even easier to use!


PCX features out-of-the-box compatibility with Fluke documenting process calibrators. Pre-loaded sets of Calibrator Settings simplifies configuring your test specification for your Fluke calibrator. Plus, Calibrator Option Templates are preloaded with hundreds of common combinations.


Use quick searches and advanced filtering to get to the assets you need and kick off a new calibration with one click. Efficient and concise data entry forms are built per your specifications. Easily search for referenced Test Standards to ensure traceability. With one click, generate the certificate report your stakeholders need.

Deliver Insights

All critical reports some standard including Reverse Traceability. Watch out for accuracy drift of your instrumentation using PCX’s Results Trend tool and analyze your performance with year-over-year calibration graphs. Create your own filtered and sorted List Views for navigation or export.

Simple, Safe, & Secure

Built on modern architecture, PCX is a web-based application that is compatible with the most popular web browsers. And as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, you can feel confident in the safety & security of your asset data.

  • All application updates and upgrades are included with your subscription.
  • PCX’s modern, intuitive user interface reduces training time.
  • Dashboard gives users an immediate view of calibration system.
  • Secure storage of Asset and Result data with File Attachments.
  • Easy self-administration of Users with simple pre-defined Roles.
PCX Dashboard Screen

Experience PCX

Interested in a more in-depth look at PCX? Our product experts are ready to take you on a walkthrough and answer all of your questions. Simply click on the button below, submit the form, and one of our product experts will get in-touch to schedule your demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Trial System available?

Absolutely! We can set you up with a sandbox and guide you through the process, or feel free to explore on your own.

How are data backups managed?

Prime Technologies uses leading cloud providers to execute daily backups. This can assist with recovery concerns in the event of any kind of disaster.

What roles in my organization is PCX intended for?

PCX is built for Calibration Technicians, I & E (Instrumentation and Electrical) Technicians, Calibration Supervisors and Calibration Managers. Other roles that may find value in your organization include Metrologists, Quality Assurance Managers, Instrument Owners and Maintenance Technicians.

Can PCX be used to manage in-house and external 3rd party calibrations on the same platform?

Yes! Using File Attachments and our “Manual Pass/Fail” Test Specification Type, it can be rather simple to keep track of external calibrations for easy reference during any audit. In-house calibrations, or calibrations where the data is owned by your organization, can use our other purpose-built Test Specification Types like Test Point Accuracy and Switch Test.

Can I migrate data into PCX?

PCX supplies an easy Import Template to create Assets from a spreadsheet. For Administrators this will also assist with auto-configuration of values like Classifications, Locations and Manufacturers. Contact Us and we can review data migration options!

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