Data Migration & Mapping To ProCalV5

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Data Migration & Mapping

Most organizations do not have internal resources with Data Migration experience. Take the risk out of a very complex and critical implementation activity by letting Prime Technologies formalize a Data Migration Plan and develop a Conversion Program.

The migration and mapping plans may include:

  • A Data Migration Plan
    • Data Migration And MappingElectronic and Manual Migration
    • Data Mapping for Both
    • DM Process and Sequence Strategy
    • Validation vs. Verification
    • Resources
  • A Data Migration Program
    • Develop Conversion Program(s)
    • Create Test Scripts
    • Validate Program?
  • Data Migration Execution
    • Execute Conversion Program
    • Manually Enter Paper Records
  • Verification of Migrated Data
    • 10%, 25%, 50%, 100% Verification?
    • Verify to Source Records or to Physical Data?

Some typical Data Migrations often include legacy data from the following sources:

  • Legacy Calibration Management Systems
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • MS Access Database files
  • MAC operating database files

Note: Data Migration requirements may vary by organization and all data should be evaluated by Prime Technologies engineers before a migration service can be proposed.

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