Case Study: Multinational Industrial Gas Manufacturer


Client: Multinational Industrial Gas Manufacturer


A multinational industrial gas manufacturer was looking for a way to better track, manage, and monitor their calibrations and standards.


The company was looking for a way to keep accurate records of gas analyzer standards and specs, while also simplifying the calibration process. Tracking gas analyzer standards can be a tricky process because the bottles containing the standard gases are frequently reused. As a result, the serial number (or possibly the tag ID) of the standard may not change, but the standard gas in the bottle does change (i.e., based on lot number). This makes the reverse traceability process particularly difficult since the serial number and tag ID do not change, but the lot number — and the actual standard gas — does change.

The calibration certificate must accurately reflect all these tracking components so that the exact gas standard can be identified and represented. Additionally, each calibration may need multiple standards, adding to the complexity of the calibration process.


    The Prime Technologies team created a custom Test Type Package for use in ProCal to address the company’s needs. The customer had very specific and unique testing procedures that could not be met by any other software solutions, so Prime built a new feature in ProCal to address the unique needs of managing gas analyzer standards.

    The new Test Type Package indicates when a refill is needed, keeps track of standards, and allows the client to apply that standard to a calibration. For quality control purposes, lot numbers are assigned and the Test Type Packages automatically gathers the lot number of the specific standard. This makes the reverse traceability process both easy and consistent, and allows the client to know when a standard bottle gets filled with a new lot number and is then associated with a calibration.

    To make sure the implementation was a success, Prime Technologies provided the company with product training, both for ProCal overall and for using the Test Type Package.


    Gas calibrations are now much easier and more efficient, due to the custom test type package as well as the ProCal Direct cloud-based calibration management solution.

    Importantly, the custom Test Type Package has greatly reduced the time it takes to perform a calibration, and the client can now be confident in the test results when faced with an audit.

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