Documenting process calibrators like the Fluke 754 or 729 DPCs can be highly effective tools for automating workflow and transitioning to paperless calibration management practices. Several commercially available software applications support the use of these devices but the degree of feature benefits that can be achieved is dependent on the compatibility with the communication driver. The most generic driver is the Field Calibrator Interface (FCINTF). This is a common method used by a few select vendors. It works OK but offers the least complementary hardware/software interface capabilities. For better results, OEMs who are legally authorized and licensed by Fluke to utilize and distribute the Fluke native driver can provide powerful systems that can help you to achieve much higher levels of desired functionality.  

 Two calibration software applications that utilize the native driver are Fluke DPCTrack2 and Prime Technologies’ ProCalV5. Feature examples for the DPCTrack2 program can be viewed here ( ProCalV5 is the enhanced version of DPCTrack2. Additional, advanced calibrator compatible functionality can be viewed here ( 

 Automated calibrations have been proven to be an effective way to improve productivity, harmonize practices and eliminate human errors. The system performs all math functions when creating master asset records and provides the technician immediate user pass/fail acceptable tolerance prompts when the calibrator is automatically sourcing/reading signals and contemporaneously capturing readings.  

 Technicians can be assigned individual assets to test but group work can be combined for final approvals, database storage, certificates and historical reporting/retrieval. For field support organizations with a need to perform off-line services, individual account assignments can be segmented and exported to laptops/tablets and further delegated to multiple individuals, each with their own calibrator.  

 For more than a decade, Fluke Corporation and Prime Technologies have been allied to offer “state of art” calibration management solutions. For more detail, a demonstration or trial program contact us.


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