Case Study: Global Medical Devices Manufacturer



Client: Global Medical Devices Manufacturer

Based in the U.S.


A global medical device manufacturer that specializes in audiology and creates components & medical equipment for assistive listening devices, had recently grown and expanded. The company sought help in managing and controlling their assembly lines and calibrations through all departments in multiple sites around the world.


The company sought a solution to accomplish the following five main goals:

  1. Manage the calibration requirements at numerous locations
  2. Help employees manage the many tasks necessary to complete calibrations
  3. Develop and refine custom reports to help with data migration
  4. Configure their calibration management software (CMMS) to account for multiple language discrepancies encountered by their users (“User Defined Labels”)
  5. Consolidate maintenance workflow practices

The business looked for a team to successfully implement their calibration system and provide all needed training and support for the company.


    By tapping into the Prime Technologies’ ProCal solution, the company reached all of its objectives and ensured better business outcomes. The customer has utilized the user-friendly ProCal interface, provided by the web-based reporting tool e-View, to ensure that all necessary users can access information in real-time from the system. Prime Technologies provided custom reports to the client for data migration and created language features so that all sites can more easily adapt to language differences between sites. As well, the client company now has the ability to execute a streamlined method to control when tasks and calibrations are completed, making it simple to configure reports to distribute to various departments inside the company.


    The company, once it adopted the use of the ProCal solution, quickly moved into compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. As well, ongoing training has made the use of the software more effective and has enabled employees to continue to save time calibrating. This client has been collaborating with the Prime Technologies team for more than 8 years.

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