Case Study: Global Life Sciences



Client: Global Life Sciences Company


A global Life Sciences company that provides gene therapy treatments for their clients needed assistance managing all their data, schedules, assets, and vendor certificates in an FDA-compliant manner.


There were four primary objectives that the company wanted to achieve by transitioning to a new solution.

1) Have a centralized & FDA-compliant repository for all calibration-related data.

2) Provide a calibration management system capable of tracking all vendors, assets, schedules & due dates, and the results of vendor work.

3) Have a system that provides the ability to bring their calibration and maintenance programs in-house, creating less reliance on vendors.

4) Provide easy access to all data for a large number of users, with specific reports set up for automated delivery.


    The Prime team reviewed the requirements and proposed a system to meet the client’s needs. When additional objectives were identified, Prime created additional software offerings to meet them. ProCal delivered a centralized portal for all asset and calibration data management, as well as vendor management. ProCal automatically delivers reports, provides an interface for anyone (even non-software users) to review reports, and synchronizes the company’s asset information and calibration results with a 3rd party system. This enables employees to make actionable decisions within other systems based on the results from ProCal.


    There was a very successful adoption across >100 users. Data Entry Specialists found ProCal to be a great tool for entering the results and managing the information. ProCal provides the users an easy interface to record and access information, provides needed data during an audit, and shares data with other systems. Overall, the solution was successfully implemented and created additional growth for all other departments and sites. ROI was time-saving in data entry and recovery. As well, ProCal enables the client to be fully prepared for audits.

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