Case Study: Food & Beverage



Client: Food & Beverage Global Corporation



A global food & beverage organization with multiple sites across the US looked to consolidate all calibration data and activity into a single database/application, plus effectively integrate with SAP.


The company had ten manufacturing sites across the US, with each one running three separate instances of Honeywell Documint. Each department was running its own standalone instance, which neither integrated with SAP nor with the other sites. This created numerous problems for the company. As such, the manufacturer wanted to accomplish the following:

1) Consolidate all calibration data and activity into a single database/application and integrate it with SAP.

2) Migrate all legacy calibration data into a single-database calibration management system with a standardized integration to the corporate SAP instance.

3) Implement the use of Fluke Documenting Process Calibrators for use with ProCal.

The manufacturer looked to lean on a company that would drive much of the activity and cooperation between several customer teams and implement a solution to meet the calibration needs of the company. The client needed to ensure that all sites would interface with SAP, which in turn would make it possible to standardize calibration work orders and workflows in general from site to site.


    The company chose to tap into the power of Prime Technologies’ ProCal calibration management software to achieve its goals. The Prime Technologies’ customer success team worked with the client SAP and integration teams to develop a standard integration workflow that would benefit end-users across all US facilities. Prime Technologies performed and migrated the data from 30 individual databases to create a single ProCal database. That database was then installed on a centralized server in a corporate data center and deployed to users across the country. The company also introduced the use of Fluke Documenting Process Calibrators as part of the project, allowing users to complete their calibrations and close SAP work orders with minimal manual data entry.


    Implementing ProCal provided a streamlined user experience and provided the client company with a standardized workflow across all US facilities. It also reduced the need for both manual data entry and multiple systems for all I&E technicians and managers. Before the project, the client had approximately 30 individual calibration databases, but the end result was just one centralized database for all sites. Using calibrators and reducing the need to enter data in multiple systems (CMS and SAP) also greatly reduced the amount of time spent on recording calibrations and creating/closing work orders.

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