Fluke Documenting Calibrators

Work Smarter. Work Faster.

Paperless functionality is the best way to improve productivity, reduce operational costs and ensure regulatory compliance. ProCalV5 is the most powerful program for use with Fluke 740/750 Documenting Process Calibrators. Unique system features enable work assignments to upload/download to the calibrator from either a PC/server connection or remotely from a ProCalV5 Mobile Workstation. Enhanced supervisory control for your field operations is ensured!

Fluke Handheld Calibration Software
Calibrate temperature, pressure, voltage, current, resistance, and frequency. Since it both measures and sources, you can troubleshoot and calibrate all with one rugged tool.
Powerful, yet easy to use.
The easy-to-follow, menu-driven display guides you through any task. Programmable calibration routines enable you to create and run automated as-found/as-left procedures to ensure fast, consistent, calibrations.
Records and documents results.
To support your ISO-9000 or regulatory standards, the Fluke 753/754 capture your calibration results, eliminating the need to juggle a pen and pad in the field. The USB interface in the Fluke 753 and 754 lets you transfer the results to a PC, thus saving the time of having to manually transcribe them when you return to the shop.
Truly hand-held.
Small enough to fit easily into a tool bag and to use in tight spaces. Runs an entire shift on a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack.
Rugged and reliable.
Overmolded urethane case stands up to rough handling in industrial environments. Calibrators offer one or two year calibration cycles and a three year warranty.
Bright white display.
Lets you read your results in any kind of light. Backlight has three (3) settings.
Multi-lingual interface.
Displays instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.
Allows technicians to set the calibrator for a delayed start and a specific sequence of steps, so it can run unattended as a continuously varying test source.
Built-in algebraic calculator.
With four functions — plus square root—stores, recalls, and performs calculations required for setting up instruments or evaluating data in the field. Use it to set the source function to a calculated value. There’s no need to carry a pencil and paper or a separate calculator.
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