Prime Technologies Inc., developers of ProCal Calibration Management Software, has announced the release of DeviceSync; a web-enabled application designed to provide a rapid and secure method for data transfer with documenting calibrators. Calibration assignments and results move back and forth via a cloud connection enabling robust and performant workflows for remote technicians with any internet connection, while preserving usability in completely offline environments. This allows more of an organization’s calibration workforce to take advantage of efficiency-doubling documenting calibrator devices.

DeviceSync Documenting Calibrator Tool for Calibration Software

Of the new tool, Prime Technologies’ Product Manager Mike McClain said, “We’ve had hosted applications in the cloud for almost a decade now and have worked with documenting calibrators like the Fluke 754 for even longer. The challenge with growth in the cloud-based application deployment market is that local hardware connectivity can be a huge challenge. So, we decided to create a new path for these connections and offer a new product to follow it.” Locally installed data centers with remote technicians is not a problem, says McClain: “We can connect anyone’s local installation to DeviceSync via the cloud. Just think of it as a really long USB cable.”

  • Downloaded tags are encrypted and saved securely at the local workstation, which will automatically pick up downloaded tags when online.
  • The same easy assignment methods used in ProCalV5 can be used to transfer data to DeviceSync.
  • Completed work results stored in DeviceSync are automatically transferred to the cloud with an active internet connection and subsequently pushed to the organization’s ProCalV5 or hosted ProCal Direct system.

Software required includes standard Windows OS, DeviceSync and ProCalV5 or ProCal Direct (version or higher). Any standard Windows based PC hardware will suffice including tablet or convertible form factors. Compatible calibrators include Fluke 729 Documenting Pressure Calibrators, Fluke 743B, 744, 754 and 753 Documenting Process Calibrators, Honeywell 2020 and Beta 990 models.


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