Are you getting the most out of ProCal’s reporting system?

Using ProCal’s standard reports allows users to complete a wide variety of tasks and return valuable sets of information with just a few clicks. Whether you need to simply generate a list of items coming due for calibration or want to take a deeper dive into instrument performance, ProCal has you covered.

ProCal contains more than 50 standard reports, but this blog will highlight just a few of the most commonly used examples. Prime Technologies also creates custom reports for users with a specific reporting needs.

Events Due – similar to the commonly used “Instruments Due” report, this report allows you to generate a comprehensive list of events that are coming due in a user-defined date range. These events include calibrations, maintenance events, and even expiring documents and procedures.

Failed Calibration – ProCal features event-based functionality to respond to individual calibration failures, but this report allows users to generate a quick list of failing calibrations within a user-defined date range.

Reverse Traceability – a failing calibration for a test instrument or reference standard can send a wave of concern through a calibration program. How many process instruments were calibrated with that standard while it was out of tolerance? How can we be sure our process was not affected? Do we need to search through every calibration to find where that test instrument was used as a standard?

With ProCal’s test instrument reverse traceability report, this work is made easy. Simply enter test instrument ID and a date range, and ProCal will return a comprehensive list of calibrations events in which that standard was used so that the appropriate corrective actions or investigations can take place.

Calibration Label – Many customers wish to print calibration labels to attach to physical instruments so an item’s last calibration date can be determined with a quick visual inspection. ProCal’s calibration label report allows users to generate these stickers instantly for any asset, and it is compatible with most commonly used label printers. Prime Technologies can also customize your label report for the perfect fit and look.


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