Case Study: Chemical Manufacturing



Client: Chemical Manufacturing Company

Based in the U.S.


A Fortune 500 chemical manufacturing company that specializes in fertilizers and the production of chemical solutions needed new calibration management software after Honeywell announced the end-of-life cycle for future development and support of the Documint solution.


Plant operations previously utilized the feature-rich Honeywell Documint software to manage plant-wide instrument calibration activities. For many years, this solution had been a component of IT infrastructure that helped to control product consistency as well as to serve as a repository of pertinent information for plant safety and environmental compliance reporting. Many of the program features utilized at the site were custom developed by Honeywell over many years of continuous use. In addition, large amounts of historical legacy information were stored in the Honeywell proprietary database format and not easily interpreted for data migration to a new application. They needed a solution that would allow them to import all of their historical data and replicate the many custom functionality that had been added over the years.


    After careful consideration, the company chose ProCal calibration management software. The decision was based on the following evaluation criteria:

    • Industry Reputation
    • Standard Product Features
    • Ability to Accommodate Special Functional Needs
    • Experiencing Migrating Documint Data

    The developer, Prime Technologies, had recently assumed the strategic alliance role with Fluke Corporation (previously held by Honeywell) to develop the next generation DPCTrack software product. The newer DPCTrack2 program was branded and marketed by Fluke for complementary use with both Fluke and Honeywell documenting calibrators. ProCal allowed this chemical manufacturing company to determine that this strategic relationship gave the vendor a unique advantage with software functionality compatibility and in-depth knowledge of the proprietary database structure essential for the needed data migration services support.


    Most of the custom features of the Honeywell system could easily be accommodated through standard ProCal configuration controls. The company can optionally construct additional precision add-on test routines when there is a need for other additional requirements. 


    “The investment was quickly recouped.”

    “Upgraded features and standard reports within our new system provide instant information retrieval not previously available.  Demonstrating to auditors our ability to meet regulatory requirements for QA critical calibrations with supporting documentation or to electronically extract the data needed for OSHA 1910 and Environmental Title 5 Air & Water compliance is a breeze.”

    Chemical Manufacturing Company

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