Case Study: Global Life Sciences


Client: Global Life Sciences Company


A global company with more than 100 years of history was transitioning on the backside of a major merger. As the two companies combined systems, it became clear there were opportunities to improve operations and record keeping.  There were several locations completing calibrations manually via paper, and management aimed to transition these locations to an automated format.


The leading company desired to become more efficient through the implementation of a paperless system.  The company required more “traceability” and accountability to meet calibration standards, and sought to integrate the new processes into their current system efficiently and effectively.  As well, the company sought to fix an existing gap in the process flow of internal electronic data and fully eliminate the need for any manual entry. Prime Technologies was tasked to develop a solution.


    It was determined that Prime’s ProCal Direct cloud-based solution would best meet the client’s needs, as the system is designed to streamline a company’s calibration process and enable an organization to easily implement the solution across multiple sites. Importantly, the client would dramatically reduce the potential for data-entry errors once the automated calibration system was installed. As well, both a critical data connection error and a missing link issue would be corrected by mapping the SAP software to ProCal.   


    A plan was put in place so that the client was fully operational within one month of testing.
    With the turnkey ProCal solution implemented, the client quickly experienced many benefits:

    Integration of SAP and ProCal has eliminated costly errors on an ongoing basis

    Time savings is now realized by both workers and management, as the quantitative process drives organizational efficiency

    Instantaneous access to calibration and other data, regardless of location

    Ready access to strong technical support provided by Prime


    “ProCal is a very high-quality product and we will continue to expand our use of ProCal capabilities over time and tap into more of its power. The system is very solid and we have had minimal issues … on the occasions where technical support has been needed, we received help in a very timely and responsive way and all items are addressed quickly.”

    Life Sciences Global Corporation

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