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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an on-premise or cloud-based solution?

Our ProCal software solutions are available to support either type of deployment. Most often, this issue is determined by your IT policies and infrastructure.  Industry trends are towards cloud-based licensing as it offers the easiest method for system access and lower costs for initial start-up.

Can ProCal be used to manage both in-hours ane third party vendor calibrations?

Yes. The system provides a well-defined structure for companies that seek to start a new or upgrade their existing calibration practices. For in-house use, the program manages every aspect of numeric calculations from master record building to data entry verification.  Electronic approvals and signatures can be applied to completed events, even when services are performed by outside vendors.

Is ProCal appropriate for regulated industries?

Yes, ProCal software is used around the globe by companies that must meet strict quality, safety, environmental and other types of regulatory requirements.  In addition, our internal development and testing practices are regularly audited and approved by such clients.

How configurable and scalable is ProCal?

Thousands of companies around the globe use ProCal software. Our clients range from a small shops with one or two technicians to large enterprise organizations with many locations and hundreds or thousands of users.  In addition, the system can be easily configured to match simple or complex workflow requirements, and each location may have its own workflow, or be configured to follow a corporate approved workflow.

Can ProCal be used with documenting calibrators?

Yes.  ProCal is one of only a few programs commercially available that enables the use of documenting calibrators to perform automated calibrations.  It is the most powerful paperless solution for use with Fluke calibrators.

Can ProCal be used to manage both calibration and maintenance activities?

Yes. Preventative Maintenance, Work Order Management, and Parts & Inventory Management are available options.

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