Learn how ProCal with Mobile Workstations and/or Fluke Documenting Process Calibrators can transform your workflow.

Are you still using calculators while performing calibrations or while approving final documents? Do you continue to struggle with paper documents in your calibration practices?

Learn how ProCal, combined with our Mobile Workstation licenses and/or Fluke Documenting Process Calibrators, can transform those practices while improving quality and saving valuable time; significantly reducing your operating expenses.

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Calibrations In ProCalV5

ProCal does all math and automatic data verification!

The calibrations in the above video can be done in a standard network or Wi-Fi enabled mode, or completely off-line using laptops, tablets and Fluke calibrators. For even faster data transfer, especially when working over long distances, information can be synchronized using a cloud-based connection. 


Why Calibrate? 
The degree of accuracy needed for any device is typically determined based upon usage requirements. For most devices, precision fades with time and use. Most quality based practices require routine re-certification for one or more of the following purposes:
Meeting regulatory compliance
Ensuring systems safety
Operating at peak plant performance
Maintaining product consistency and quality
Assessing asset reliability and future product selection
Life cycle predictability
Lowering manufacturing costs
How often should re-calibrations be performed? 

Many factors are important when selecting a device for accurate measurements such as the environment where it will be used, the criticality of the measurement, the quality of construction, OEM supplier reputation, etc. Rationalization to establish the starting re-calibration interval should be determined by qualified personnel. Extension or reduction to the initial plan can be determined through historical analysis of the as-found readings that are captured during each calibration cycle. This data provides important metrics and key insight into the device’s ability to maintain accuracy over time and ultimately, its life cycle reliability.

Given the quantity of instruments that can be in use at any given time in a large manufacturing facility, analysis of this detailed information when using paper records is often impractical. With ProCal’s data-centric functionality and powerful reporting features, interval analysis is easily accomplished with the click of a button.

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