Calibration Barcoding

Calibration Barcoding with Motorola Functionality
Using bar codes in your calibration process is a time-saving solution that will also increase efficiency and lower costs. The bar code feature built into ProCalV5 makes it simple to not just print bar codes but also scan them in.


Calibration Bar Codes in ProCalV5

The ProCalV5 bar code feature allows you to print 2” x 2” bar code labels from ProCalV5 that may be affixed to all types of items recognized by ProCalV5. Once labels have been printed from ProCalV5, they may also be scanned back into the program making the entry of data, creation of records and/or the taking of a physical inventory faster and easier and also aid you in the creation of your ProCalV5 database.


Bar Code Label Reports

The ProCalV5 bar code feature includes two types of bar code label reports. There is an individual label report for each item type, instrument, loop, equipment, system and test instruments. There is also a Calibration Label Report for each of the Item Types except Equipment.

  • Item Bar Code Label
    This Bar Code Label contains the actual Bar Code, Item ID, Description and Last & Next Cal Dates. (Shown below on the left.)
  • Calibration Bar Code Label
    This Bar Code Label contains the item’s Bar Code ID, Item’s ID, the name of the Technician who performed the Calibration, the Calibration Date and its Next Due Date. (Shown below on the right.)
Calibration Barcoding

ProCalV5 Calibration and Instrument Barcodes


Calibration Barcoding Functionality

Motorola General Purpose Barcode Scanner

Easily do Calibration Barcoding with a Motorola Bar Code Scanner

Motorola delivers calibration barcoding functionality in ProCalV5 with general purpose scanners and any wedge type barcode scanner. Learn more

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