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Calibration Management Software - CMS

Prime Technologies offers proven calibration management software (CMS) solutions to manage assets for Calibration, Maintenance and Validation. A ProCal system ensures regulatory compliance, improved practices, saves time, increases productivity and reduces operational costs. Both ProCalV5 and ProCal Direct interface with SAP Enterprise.

Two Deployment Options For Large And Small Companies Around The Globe

ProCal Direct Calibration SoftwareProCal Direct

  • ProCalV5 In the Cloud!
  • Connect Anywhere Via Web Browser
  • Prime Technologies Provides All IT Infrastructure

ProCalV5 Calibration Management SoftwareProCalV5

  • On-Premise Calibration Management Software
  • Industry’s First 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Paperless Calibration Solution
  • ProCal Calibration Practices are used by Thousands of Companies Worldwide

ProCalV5 Calibration Software Home ScreenQuick Features and Benefits List

  • Scalable from Single User to Enterprise with Unlimited Individual Accounts, Users, User Groups or Assets
  • Supports Multiple Sites/Divisions
  • Work Saving, Real Time Paperless Functionality
  • Quickly assign tasks to technicians and generate work orders
  • Calibration scheduling is easily completed on the Master Instrument Record and the calibration system will automatically schedule the next due date and alert you when it is due
  • Validated/21 CFR Part 11, FDA & GxP Compliant
  • Maintenance Management and Parts Inventory
  • Import/Export to Offline Mobile Workstations
  • Upload/Download to Documenting Process Calibrators
  • Generates calibration certificates and can auto print cal stickers
  • Multi-language with support for six different languages
  • 80+ Standard Reports
  • And Much More!

Your Calibration Management Software Solution Used In All Types Of Industries

ProCalV5 products are highly configurable and can easily be tailored to meet your organizational objectives including:

  • Paperless Real-time Solutions: ProCalV5 delivers the management benefits, performance advantages and reporting efficiencies only available with a truly full functioning paperless solution. Our mature robust program will perform with reliability experienced only with the very best software systems.
  • Compliance: ProCalV5 has been specifically designed to provide the features necessary to satisfy the strictest of compliance requirements. These comprehensive control features support the compliant record management dictated for cGxP operations per 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 9000-2001, QS 9000, ISO 17025, ANSI 254, AS9100 and others. With ProCalV5, record access is configurable yet restricted to authorized users. The complete and easily queried Audit Trail confirms record integrity.
  • Hybrid Solutions: Not ready to move to a paperless environment? With ProCalV5 you decide the extent of your continued use of hard copy worksheets, forms and reports. When you select ProCalV5 as your Calibration Management Software, you decide how to run your operations and configure the program to suit your practices, not the other way around.
  • Standalone Solutions: Not looking for a comprehensive management system throughout the entire facility? No problem! ProCalV5 can easily be used as a standalone application and may be easily deployed in the future as ProCalV5 comes network ready.
  • Single Site Solutions: ProCalV5 users benefit from not having to invest in licenses for every unique user which can quickly add up. ProCalV5 operates by concurrent system access. That means you can make ProCalV5 available to as many users and define their roles and each user may have ProCalV5 running on their personal workstation.
  • Multi-Site Solutions: With ProCalV5’s robust proven two-tier installation, organizations receive a high degree of customization, work saving options and tools for real time paperless field calibrations. ProCalV5’s unmatched functionality offers all the benefits of a single site system while retaining the ability to customize the application for local requirements and end uses alike. Through the use of Citrix or MS Terminal Server Thin-client environments, ProCalV5 may also be deployed. This can help save on implementation and validation costs, while user distribution is simplified without compromising performance or reliability.
  • ProCalV5 delivers unmatched functionality. From the beginning our mission has been to develop and through continuous improvement maintain for our users a software product far superior to anything else in the market. Whether your needs include a truly paperless compliant real time calibration management and reporting solution or simply a management system that can be validated to satisfy the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11, ProCalV5 is the right choice. Its versatile design, and scalability make it the right system for the small business or large corporate enterprise.

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Global Implementation Process: Prime Technologies ProCalV5 Praxair selected Prime Technologies to implement the ProCal instrument calibration software in all global production facilities. The Prime Technologies team has exceeded expectations supporting Praxair in design, configuration, training and validation of the solution. Great response by all Prime team members, excellent demonstrated customer service with response, professionalism which has resulted in a project which is on schedule/on budget and most importantly meets our expected results. This project will run through 2015 and we have no concerns with completion and it fully meets our global customer requirements.

Duane Black

Assoc. Director Global Reliability Engineering, Praxair Global Operations Excellence

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