Scrutinizing quality compliance experts are careful to select solutions that deliver expected beneficial results. ProCalV5 software outpaces the competition with feature rich functionality and options. We claim many Industry firsts and we continue to set new industry standards that other programs struggle to emulate.

Precision Asset Management.

  • Most high level asset management solutions (ERP, CMMS, etc.) lack the detail needed to adequately manage instrument calibration activities.  End user productivity is typically compromised.  ProCalV5 offers critical features that facilitate maximum efficiency and high outcome results.

ProCalV5 Screen

Powerful Reporting and Analytics.

  • Over 80 standard reports and powerful advanced queries provide authorized users with immediate retrieval of organized information.  ProCalV5  WebView  allows  personnel secure web access to remotely launch reports and saved queries independent of system log-in.

Time-saving Paperless Calibration.

  • Among our industry 1sts is  21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Mobile Workstation technology.  Sophisticated import/export features effectively manage electronic work assignment and data transfer.  Off-line users have access to the full program interface on a local machine.   Significant productivity and quality compliance benefits are guaranteed.   ProCalV5 software and mobile workstations also communicate with documenting process calibrators.


Fully-Compliant to meet 21CFR/Part 11 Requirements.

  • ProCal was the first commercial 21 CFR Part 11 compliant calibration management solution. Prime Technologies’ strict quality development practices are routinely audited and approved by life sciences and other quality regulated companies. Each released version undergoes thorough, documented, internal testing and validation before release. IQ/OQ validation scripts and on-site validation services are provided as standard offerings.

ProCalV5 Screen